How long…

How long do u have to wait for that special someone to come in your life?Do u have to wait days, weeks, months, or even years? You have no idea, love can strike at anytime, and happen at anyplace!
In a health class room, or in a shopping mall.
Nobody knows how or when it will happen, but when it does. You will know from that very moment on, that you found love and u have love. And when you find it, dont ever let it go! Because if you do, you will think of the what ifs and the could ofs, all the time and never know how you and your love could of been. Hold you love as if you have to hold on to your life! because once you let go, your life is gone! No more extreme happiness, and joy, just average days with no one to share it with! Dont let yourself do that, find the one you truly love and stick with them through the hard and easy , the hurtful and horror, because at the end you will only have two words to say to that one you love

I do.

Kyle Warnock

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