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Eric Cantona – Zato sto je dosao u zemlju koja je izmislila fudbal i pokazao im kako se igra srcem i mudima. Zato sto je bio najveci kada je to bilo najteze i zato sto 10 godina nakon sto se povukao navijaci i dalje uzvikuju njegovo ime. Zato sto je na Old Traford doneo titulu nakon 26 godina. Zato sto je debeli celavi francuz koji je od Giggsa, Scolesa i klinaca koji su 10 godina nosili igru Mancestera napravio ljude. Zato sto je u karijeri promasio 2 penala i u oba slucaja odmah dao gol iz igre da se iskupi. Zato sto je od 17 puta koliko je penale sutirao u Unitedu, golmane poslao po burek 16 puta. Zato sto je znao i levom, i desnom i glavom, a najvise srcem. Zato sto je svaka utakmica bila vredna gledanja. Zato sto je otisao kada je bio najveci. Zato sto je radio prave stvari i nikad se nije zbog toga izvinjavao. Zato sto je bilo mnogo fudbalera ali samo jedan Eric. Zato sto je kralj.

About him:
„We stayed at the Croydon Park hotel,’. ‘So we got up in the morning and I’ve got me suit on – the nuts, know what I mean? I knock on Eric’s door and he’s standing in jacket, white shirt, long collars like that [he gestures to describe long, pointed collars], unbuttoned so you can see his chest. „Eric, you can’t go to court like that“, I told him and he says, „I am Cantona, I can go as I want“. (Ince about Cantona before he entered court)
„Collar turned up, back straight, chest stuck out, he glided into the arena as if he owned the fucking place. Any arena, but nowhere more effectively than Old Trafford. This was his stage. He loved it, the crowd loved him“ (Roy Keane, Cantona’s successor as Manchester United captain.)
„I think he is the best player I ever played with, and probably ever seen“ (Ryan Giggs on Eric Cantona)
„We`re just very grateful he`s here. He`s such a great player. I`m still pinching myself. A player like that only comes along once or twice in a lifetime, and you don`t leave him out or put him in the reserves. You
respect his skill. Eric is the brainiest player I`ve ever seen, he see’s such a lot when he has the ball. The big thing he has given United is the ability to make attacks count, not waste good positions until the
right option appears, and we now finish almost every move with an effort on goal.
The other thing is his ability to release players, even when the pass doesn`t look on. If you make the run Eric will probably get you the ball.“ (Sir Bobby Charlton)
I’d give all the champagne I’ve ever drunk to be playing alongside him in a big European match at Old Trafford. (George Best)

By him:
„When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea“.
„I didn’t study; I live. You can’t study these things – life teaches them to you. You don’t find them in a book… I’ve read a lot of Socrates on page three of the Sun.“
„Sometimes in life one experiences an emotion which is so strong that it is difficult to think, or to reason. Sometimes you get submerged by emotion. I think it’s very important to express it – which doesn’t necessarily mean hitting someone. I am very mistrustful of people who are constantly overintellectualising things. It kills passion. You have to allow yourself to lose control from time to time.“
„I feel close to the rebelliousness and vigour of the youth here. Perhaps time will separate us, but nobody can deny that here, behind the windows of Manchester, there is an insane love of football, of celebration and of music.“
„When you are a rich man you are proud to own a Rolls Royce and when you are a poor man you are proud to own a Renault“
„France does not deserve Auxerre… England deserves Auxerre “
„The Irish public should bow to the feet of Roy Keane, not slate him as he is the best player they will ever have to boast“
„After his first training session in heaven, George Best, from his favourite right wing, turned the head of God who was filling in at left-back. I would love him to save me a place in his team – George Best that is, not God.“
„I am God.“
„I might have said that, but on the whole I talk a lot of rubbish.“
„I don’t play against a particular team. I play against the idea of losing.“
„An artist in my eyes, is someone who can lighten up a dark room. I have never and will never find difference between the pass from Pele to Carlos Albert in the final of the World Cup in 1970 and the poetry of the young Rimbaud, who stretches ‘cords from steeple to steeple and garlands from window to window’. There is in each of these human manifestations and expression of beauty which touches us and gives us a feeling of eternity.“

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